About us

B.Tech. Electrical & Communications Engineering.

Msc.Engineering Systems Management R.Eng (ERB)(IEK)

Licensed Electrician (ERC) - Energy Regulatory Commission.

Eng. Murwa is an accomplished , seasoned entrepreneur & Engineer. He is a graduate of Moi and Egerton Universities and has worked in Key Engineering sectors in Kenya such as Kenya Pipeline Limited,

Agro Chemicals and Food CompanyKenya Planters Co-operative Union and has an experience spanning over 13 years.During his career he has had a diverse background in several sectors :Private companies, public companies, government and non-profits.

He has and still is passionate about engineering technology and continues to steer the company into Eastern and Central Africa in its pursuit of excellence, performance and growth.


B.Tech. Electrical & Communications Engineering.

Msc.Sustainable Energy Engineering

R.Eng (ERB)(IEK)(IEEE- New York)(IEEE - Carlifornia)

Eng. Washika a graduate of Moi University and has experience in diverse sectors including Energy and Power . He has for over 17 years been engaged in engineering fields and brings on board a wealth of experience as he has trained and worked in various institutions in senior Engineering management positions such as Kenya Pipeline LimitedAgro Chemical and Food Company and Mumias Sugar Company

Diploma. Electrical Engineering

Joseph has in-depth work related experience with deep and practical knowledge of globally deployed engineering systems. He stays current on the latest industry trends. He manages distributed teams and consults with business clients to help forge their solution designs, as well as to optimize their operations to keep them highly profitable. 

He has also a wealth of experience and has worked in key engineering companies in kenya such as Agro Chemical and Food Company.